Nick Dupre

Scientific Diver


Having grown up in St. Kitts, Nick Dupre moved to the U.K. after high school to do A levels and a university degree. He completed his 5 year thick sandwich Masters in Design Engineering in 2010 after which he did some travelling and returned home to St. Kitts at the end of 2011. Nick is motivated by sustainability and empowering the youth of St. Kitts and Nevis to get involved in marine environment, both on an interest level and also for the potential of various employment opportunities. Having grown up near the Sea, Nick has always been engaged in the marine environment, teaching sailing during his summer leave when he was at university, and obtaining my Small Commercial Vessels Captains License in 2010. He learnt to dive in 2007, but only became interested in Coral Reefs on a scientific level in 2010/11 when he learnt to monitor reefs in St. Kitts as part of a GEF reef monitoring project and attended reef training workshops in Tobago.


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