Pauline Bosserelle

Scientific Diver


After living a great part of her childhood in tropical islands and spending a lot of time at sea Pauline Bosserelle decided to study the marine environment. Instead of going to university she choose a French school, Intechmer, specialized in marine science and short studies. She finished her studies with a bachelor of marine science from James Cook University in order to specialise in tropical marine water environment. Since then (2008), She has been working for CRIOBE and diving in French Polynesia. Most of her work duties include either benthos ecology surveys or impact assessment studies. Due to her interest in coral taxonomy she has also been involved in the study of several coral collection (Rapa, Moorea, etc.) of French Polynesia. Moreover, being passionate by opisthobranchs, she co-created a website about the identification of species from this taxon in French Polynesia.