Stopher Slade

Scientific Diver


Stopher was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He has always wanted to walk in Jacque Cousteau’s shoes since he was 5 years old. This childhood dream has led Stopher to live near the ocean for most of his adult life. Stopher received his Bachelors degree from Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne Florida in Marine Biology. He has traveled to Bremen, Germany where he received his Master’s Degree in Aquatic Tropical Ecology. Stopher’s Master Thesis project was researching fish ectoparasites in Pelabuhan Ratu, Indonesia. Stopher has worked and lived with many state government agencies in Puerto Rico, Florida Fish and Wildlife in the Florida Keys, and with Division of Marine Fisheries on East Coast of North Carolina. Currently Stopher works for The Nature Conservancy conducting coral restoration in St. Croix US Virgin Islands. Stopher’s main research interests are marine invertebrates and marine habitat conservation/restoration.


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