Valeriya Komyakova

PhD Student / Fish Surveys


Valeriya was born in Russia, however at the age of 16 she completed high school through a fast track path and moved to Australia. She completed her BSc, GradDipResMeth and MSc in Marine Biology in James Cook University, where she was very fortunate to work with some of the world's leading tropical marine biologists and ecologists. In 2009 she moved to Sydney and joined Subtidal Ecology and Ecotoxicology laboratory at the University of New South Wales where she worked as a volunteer and later a full-time research assistant. Later on, Valeriya joined CARDNO as a casual ecologist. In 2012 she decided to continue her education and joined Melbourne University as a PhD student, where she is currently conducting her research. Valeriya has a great passion for fish ecology, in particular, preservation and restoration of fish habitats.


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