Yves-Marie Bozec, PhD

Coral Reef Ecologist


Dr. Yves-Marie Bozec is a reef ecologist with broad interest in Pacific and Caribbean coral reef ecosystems. He holds a PhD from the University of Paris VI (France) in 2006, hosted by IRD in New Caledonia and the Fisheries Department of Agrocampus Rennes in France. His PhD thesis focused on coral reef fish assemblages of New Caledonia, their responses to human-induced disturbances and their potential as ecological indicators for ecosystem monitoring and management. He then moved to Mexico where he studied the impact of coastal development on Yucatan reefs at CINVESTAV. After several research contracts in France, he joined in 2010 the Marine Spatial Ecology Lab at the University of Queensland. He is currently working with Prof. Peter Mumby within the FORCE project, studying the resilience of Caribbean coral reefs. His research interests are in community ecology and ecosystem-based approaches to assess the effects of human and natural disturbances. Specifically, he is developing mechanistic models for (1) testing assumptions about the functioning of coral reef ecosystems, (2) quantifying their resilience to fishing and climate change and (3) drawing scenarios for the future of coral reef habitats and their associated fish assemblages.


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