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The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation (KSLOF) will be participating in COP28 this December 2023. The 28th annual United Nations climate meeting is being hosted by the UAE and will be held at Expo City in Dubai. The United Nations COP or “Conference of Parties” is the highest decision-making process on climate issues as it convenes over 70,000 delegates, heads of state, and world leaders. KSLOF is honored to be participating in several events at COP28 this year to discuss the role of philanthropy in ocean conservation, upcoming projects that focus on monitoring and restoration of coral reefs, and the importance of preserving global biodiversity through coral reef protection. 

Her Royal Highness Princess Hala has been invited to speak at three events during COP28. The first is a panel hosted by AEON Collective entitled “Safeguarding Our Planet: Biodiversity, Climate, and One Health”. Her Royal Highness will be discussing the importance of conservation efforts as not just an environmental priority but a cornerstone for sustainable development, economic stability, and social well-being. This event will be taking place in the blue zone (an area of the conference reserved for only accredited organizations and sanctioned by the United Nations) at the Saudi Pavilion. Next, Her Royal Highness will be participating on a panel hosted by the International Coral Reef Initiative, The Global Fund for Coral Reefs, UN Environment and Development Programs, Race to Resilience, and the UN Capital Development Fund. The focus of this event will be around the newly launched “Coral Reef Breakthrough” initiative that has developed a call to action to prevent further coral reef habitat loss, the doubling of coral reef habitat reefs under effective protection, accelerate restoration, and secure investments to fund coral reef conservation. This event will also be hosted in the blue zone at the UNEP pavilion. And lastly, her Royal Highness will speak at the CORDAP hosted (Coral Research & Development Accelerator Platform) event “From Pledges to Action for Corals”. Princess Hala will be discussing the key points behind the Foundation’s success in helping facilitate international collaboration and cooperation for coral reef conservation. The CORDAP event will take place in the blue zone at the Science for Climate Action pavilion.

Two other representatives from the Foundation have also been invited to speak at COP28 events. Chief Executive Officer Alex Dempsey will be speaking at the Community Jameel hosted event “DAFQ” or “Splash” in English. This is an all-day event that will be taking place at the Art Jameel campus and is being co-hosted by Foundation partner Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Alex will be discussing how climate change affects the oceans and changes people’s interactions with nearshore ecosystems. Alex will also be speaking at the “Ocean Decade 2030: Science, Action and Partnerships for Climate Action through the Ocean Decade” and “Ocean Decade Foundations Dialogue: Philanthropic Cooperation for Effective Action in Ocean Science for Climate Action”. These United Nations Ocean Decade events will discuss the current successes and challenges of the program as well as explain the role the Foundation’s Dialogue plays in ocean conservation. This event will be held in the blue zone at the Ocean Pavilion. Chief Communications Officer Liz Thompson has been invited to speak at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation event “The Role of Private Foundations in Empowering Stakeholders for Global Ocean Agenda.” She will be discussing how leaders of philanthropic organizations and private foundations are working in the Indo-Pacific and Africa regions to achieve conservation goals and to share perspectives for future collaboration and activities. This event will be held in the blue zone at the Ocean Pavilion.

The Foundation is incredibly excited to be participating in such a landmark event, and we are looking forward to strengthening our relationships with our current partners and forging new international collaborations that are helping lead the fight for coral reef conservation.

The Living Oceans Foundation @ COP28

If you are attending COP28, we hope you will be able to join us at one of the following events:

 “Safeguarding Our Planet: Biodiversity, Climate, and One Health” 

Session Date/Time: Dec. 2nd @ 12:10-13:00 (GST) 
Location: Blue Zone, Saudi Pavilion 
Host: AEON Collective 
Session Description: This event will deep dive into biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, and the concept of one planet, one health. The panel of distinguished guests will explore the impacts of climate change on ecosystem services through real-world examples and case studies that underscore the urgent need for action. The One Health philosophy that this session focuses on will reveal profound connections between human, animal, and environmental health.
Livestream: Watch the session

“DAFQA” (Splash) 

Session Date/Time: Dec. 2nd @ 10:00-13:00 (GST) 
Location: Community Jameel Arts Center 
Host: Community Jameel 
Session Description: DAFQA (‘splash’ in Arabic) is Community Jameel’s ocean program at COP28 in Dubai which explores the intersection of ocean health and climate change. To generate early momentum at COP28, Community Jameel will deliver a day of oceans and water programming at the Jameel Arts Centre on 2 December, bringing together partners and facilitating discussions to galvanize action and to ensure water and the ocean are prominent in the COP28 agenda. Marking the UAE’s presidency of COP28, this panel discussion will explore pressing ocean issues in the Arab region and how to tackle them effectively using a collective and unified approach. Co-chaired by the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation and the Foundation Mohammed VI pour la protection de l’Environnement, the panel will draw on learnings from the Ocean Decade Africa Roadmap and examine how to steer similar action in the Arab world. 
More information: Learn more about the event

“Role of private foundations in empowering stakeholders for global ocean agenda” 

Session Date/Time: Dec. 2nd @ 14:00-15:00 (GST) 
Location: Blue Zone, Ocean Pavilion 
Host: The Ocean Policy Research Institute of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation 
Session Description: Private philanthropic organizations and research institutes working on climate change and ocean issues have an increasingly vital role to play in contributing to raising public awareness, propagating knowledge to society and policymakers and ensuring that benefits arising from marine resources are shared equitably to marginalized people and future generations. In the Indo Pacific region and African coasts and islands, increased population density and growing economy intensify resource uses and entail the increasing risk of climate change and marine ecosystem degradation. They are at the forefront of increasing vulnerability to such changes and struggle to achieve the objectives articulated in Sustainable Development Goal 14 and the UN Decade of Ocean Science. This side event aims to bring together the leaders of philanthropic organizations and private foundations working in the Indo-Pacific and Africa, to showcase achievements and to share perspectives for future collaboration and activities. 
Livestream: Watch the session

“The Coral Reef Breakthrough” 

Session Date/Time: Dec. 2nd @ 16:30-17:50 (GST) 
Location: Blue Zone, UNEP Pavilion 
Host: The Global Fund for Coral Reefs/International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) 
Session Description: The High-Level launch event of the 2030 Coral Reef Breakthrough at UNFCCC COP28 in December 2023 will mark a watershed moment in the history of global action to save the world’s most threatened ecosystem. Objectives of this high-impact, high-profile session include launching the newly developed targets of the Coral Reef Breakthrough in partnership with the UN High-Level Climate Champions. Announcing crucial new actions and financial commitments from public and private leaders for increased protection and management of coral reefs. Coral Nations recognizing the significance of the Coral Reef Breakthrough as an opportunity to scale actions and finance for the protection of coral reefs; and calling for global public and private leaders to join the effort to recognize the major gaps that need to be addressed and scale resilience solutions for reefs and coastal communities. 
Livestream: Watch the session

“Ocean Decade 2030: Science, Action and Partnerships for Climate Action through the Ocean Decade” 

Session Date/Time: Dec. 3rd @ 9:30-12:00 (GST) 
Location: Blue Zone, Ocean Pavilion 
Host: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 
Session Description: This session will focus on key gaps and priorities in ocean science for climate action including: the Role of Ocean Decade in filling these gaps including via the Vision 2030 process, and a call to action to the community for strong engagement in the Decade to accelerate the generation and uptake of ocean knowledge for climate action. 
Livestream: Watch the session

“Ocean Decade Foundations Dialogue: Philanthropic Cooperation for Effective Action in Ocean Science for Climate Action” 

Session Date/Time: Dec. 3rd @ 13:15-14:45 (GST) 
Location: Blue Zone, Science for Climate Action Pavilion
Host: VELUX Foundation, MERI Foundation, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Philanthropy Cortes Solari  
Session Description: The objective of this event is for philanthropic institutions from the North and the South to exchange experiences on their actions and lines of work in ocean science for climate action and to identify common approaches and best practices for investments. Emphasis will be placed on how these organizations work in different national, regional, and global contexts, to cooperate and link their strategic projects with the UN processes related to the UNFCCC, as well as with the public sector, the private sector and civil society, to ensure the necessary holistic perspective and contribute to climate action through the Ocean Decade. It will discuss how the various philanthropic institutions can improve coordination and increase synergies of their initiatives at different scales to achieve greater collective impact. The discussion at the event will lay the groundwork for the development of a statement of best practice in developing actions in the service of ocean science, which was identified as a priority action at the 3rd Foundations Dialogue in June 2023. 
Livestream: Watch the session

“From Pledges to Action for Corals” 

Session Date/Time: Dec. 6th @ 13:15-14:15 (GST) 
Location: Blue Zone, Science for Climate Action Pavilion
Host: CORDAP  
Session Description: One million species currently face the threat of extinction. The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (KMGBF) has outlined action-oriented global targets that must be met by 2030 to achieve four overarching goals by 2050. This framework sends a clear signal from international leaders that restoring and protecting biodiversity is of global urgency. However, with less than a decade left to meet our 2030 targets, the world has historically failed to deliver on nature-based targets. And we will continue to fail if we fail to conserve and restore corals and reefs worldwide. To break this pattern, it is crucial that the KMGBF prioritizes the conservation and restoration of coral reefs. These ecosystems play a vital role in achieving the framework’s targets. Join us in this event, where we will discuss how we can act #ForCoral to protect and restore the rainforests of the sea for future generations. The ambition to protect nature exists among world leaders – now is the time for action. 

Event objectives are to elucidate the interconnectedness of the KMGBF with coral restoration efforts, emphasizing the role of healthy coral reefs in achieving sustainable seas and 30% of marine ecosystems recovering or under protection. Engage in open discussions about the challenges, barriers, and innovative solutions in coral restoration within the framework of sustainable development. Foster collaboration among governments, organizations, and communities for the effective implementation of coral restoration projects in alignment with the KMGBF.
Livestream: Watch the session

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