Meet an Oceanographer: Captain Philip Renaud

Meet a Scientist: Captain Philip Renaud

Online Coral Reef Ecology Curriculum Video: Meet an Oceanographer

Do you know… a real oceanographer?

In this Meet a Scientist video, you’ll learn about a real life oceanographer who has spent his life studying the oceans.

Captain Renaud’s career in oceanography began at the Naval Academy where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Oceanography in 1979. During his distinguished 25-year career in the Navy, he served as the oceanographer for an aircraft carrier (USS Theodore Roosevelt), was the lead oceanographer for the Commander, Second Fleet, and his naval career culminated as the Commanding Officer of the Naval Oceanographic Office. His naval career took him to all corners of the earth. His hobbies include being a PADI SCUBA Instructor, avid sailor, backpacker, and skier.

Phil has earned master’s degrees in Oceanography, Meteorology, Strategic Studies, and Business Administration. He has been leading the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation for the past decade and has developed the Foundation into a world-class scientific organization dedicated to conservation of the marine environment, particularly coral reef ecosystems.

Presently, Phil is concentrating on fulfilling Prince Khaled’s vision of circumnavigating the globe to combat the rapid decline in coral reef health through the Foundation’s ambitious Global Reef Expedition program. This fast-paced expedition is achieving the goals of mapping and surveying coral reefs around the world to rapidly close scientific knowledge gaps and to identify factors that either harm reefs or contribute to their resilience.

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