Ocean Acidification: Breaking it Down

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Guest Co-Host: Allie Toomey, Earth Echo International

On Thursday, April 30th at 1pm Eastern/ 10am Pacific, join the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation and our partners at Earth Echo International for “Ocean Acidification: Breaking it Down,” an exciting Hangout on Air event, live from Jamaica and South Florida. On this Virtual Field Trip, we will talk with scientists studying ocean acidification’s impact on coral reefs and discuss how increases in carbon dioxide and decreases in ocean pH threaten diverse marine ecosystems across the world.

Earth Echo International
Photo: Earth Echo International

We will visit the coral reefs along the South Florida coast, an area that supports both densely populated urban areas and vast agricultural zones. Scientists from the Global Reef Expedition, USGS, and NOAA have ongoing research evaluating how abiotic factors such as temperature, pH, and nutrient levels may be affecting coral communities. The mix of challenges stress coral reef ecosystems, but identifying how each factor impacts the coral communities is key to understanding how to protect and revitalize the ecosystem.

Major issues impacting coral reefs like ocean acidification are challenges that everyone plays a part in. Whether you live on a coast or a prairie, a city or farm, you can be part of a global solution that protects and restores our water planet. Join us to explore ocean acidification, ask questions of scientists, and become inspired on ways to take action.

To sign up to participate in this free virtual event, sign up on our Google+ page or learn more about the event and register on Earth Echo’s website.

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