Mysteries of the Coral Canyon film still KSLOFSharks of the Coral Canyon tells the story of how sharks and coral reefs are intricately linked. It follows one of the largest marine science studies in history as researchers work to uncover the inner workings of pristine coral reefs, including the predators. The film tracks scientists as they venture into ferocious ocean currents to reveal first time ever footage of sharks hunting at night, as well as brand new shark hunting behavior. The film witnesses a rare natural spectacle involving thousands of large fish trying to lay their eggs and simultaneously survive a shark onslaught. The film uncovers how two of the most threatened groups of animals in the ocean, corals and sharks, depend on one another, and must be protected together if either of them is to survive into the future.

The film is now airing under the title Mysteries of the Coral Canyon on PBS, check your local station for listings.




Mysteries of the Coral Canyon Emmy AwardMysteries of the Coral Canyon Remi Winner Worldfest HoustonWinner Davey Award
Finalist BLUE Ocean Film Festival
Finalist blue ocean film festivalOfficial Selection Blue Bahr Film FestivalOfficial Selection Blue Bahr Film Festival


Sharks of the Coral Canyon Hangout

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