Ahmed Al-Mansi, PhD

Scientific Diver


Ahmed earned a B. Sc. in 1980 in Geology and Chemistry from King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, and a Ph. D in 1986 from Dundee University, Scotland, United Kingdom. Since January 1989 he has worked at the NCWCD. His work includes coastal geomorphology, marine pollution monitoring, oceanographic studies, and coastal management plans, and as well as studies on mangroves and turtles and marine mammals in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. This work is the basis of a book he wrote in Arabic in 1999, entitled “The Habitats of the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf”. He has participated in several research cruises and has led numerous projects. These include: a study of the impacts from oil pollution resulting from the 1991 Gulf War; establishment of a Marine Habitat and Wildlife Sanctuary for the Gulf Region; the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) / NCWCD study of coastal/marine habitats and biological inventories in the northern part of the Red Sea coast in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and a study marine turtles in Djibouti and Sudan. He is also actively involved in training for scientists in turtle biology and field research. He also completed a series of articles on the marine habitats and key species in the various provinces of the Kingdom, for the Encyclopedia of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.