Antoine Gilbert

Scientific Diver


Antoine Gilbert has a post graduate in Fisheries science and management in 2003 (ENSAR He was involved in applied activity and fishery management in Pacific Ocean French overseas territories for almost 10 years, in particular, monitoring and management of small scale giant clams fisheries in Tuamotu and Australs islands in French Polynesia territory (2003-2007), and New Caledonia (2008).

Since 2008, Antoine is working as a Marine Environmental scientist and project manager at GINGER-SOPRONER consultancy firm, New Caledonia. He is working on long-term impact assessment of mining activity on water quality and coral reef ecosystems (fish, invertebrate, corals, mangroves). However, he keeps working in parallel with researchers as he is interested by new findings and outcomes (ecological and methodological) and by the complementarities between research and long term monitoring.