Cécile Fauvelot

Chief Scientist


Cécile Fauvelot research activities focus on evolutionary and molecular biology, marine ecology, biogeography and conservation biology. She completed her PhD in France, working on coral reef fishes from French Polynesia, investigating gene flow - life history trait correlations in coral reef fishes by means of molecular markers. After her PhD, she explored the impact of population size variations in modifying species genetic diversity and geographic structuring through time similar topics on various organisms, from Indonesian butterflies to red coral and other invertebrates from the Mediterranean Sea. Since 2007, she works at the Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement where her research activities focus on coral reef organisms populations connectivity, using population genetics to answer ecological questions regarding how reef populations are linked by larval dispersal. Her current model organisms are various (coral reef fishes, pelagic fishes, giant clams, corals etc…), from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, but her main question remains the same: what can their DNA tells us?


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