Eghbert Elvan Ampou



Eghbert Alvan Ampou’s first graduate Degree is in Marine Science from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, Indonesia (2000). He has a Master of knowledge and management of the biodiversity of Indonesian Coral Reefs from Universita Politechnica Delle Marche, Ancona-Italie (2005). Formerly he worked in Bitung Fisheries Academy, North Sulawesi as an employee department of fisheries and maritime affairs. Academy of Fisheries Bitung (Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries) (2000-2007). Since 2007 until now he has worked as a researcher in South East Asia Center for Ocean Research and Monitoring (SEACORM, Bali) and the research team on climate change (Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries). He received an award from the President of the Republic of Indonesia, the "Wirakarya Medal" on Discovery Bioreeftek one artificial reef that has been widely applied in coastal areas of Indonesia (2013). He is already involved as a research scientist in research Observation and Assessment of Regional Marine Conservation Area Utilization (2007-2009) and Operational Oceanographic Studies for the Conservation of Coral Reef ecosystem (2009-2010). He is also involved in Marine Rapid Assessment Program in Nusa Penida (2008); Marine Rapid Assesment Program in Bali (2011).


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