Kristin Stolberg

Research Assistant / Benthic Surveyor


Kristin holds a Master of Science degree in aquatic tropical ecology attained at the University of Bremen in Germany. Her main interests focus on the evaluation of coral reef ecosystems health and impact assessment for developing concepts and methodologies for the sustainable utilization and conservation of tropical aquatic ecosystems. In her master’s thesis she investigated the distribution and expansion rate of corallimorpharians within the Zanzibar Channel in collaboration with the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology and the Institute of Marine Sciences in Tanzania. Her recent work focused on modeling coral coverage within the GBR based on cyclone events and coral reef imagery annotation and assessment at the University of Queensland within the Catlin Seaview Survey Project. Within the Global Reef Expedition 2014 Kristin will support the benthic coral reef group in assessing coral reef health and detrimental impacts on corals within Indo Pacific reefs.