Renée Carlton

Marine Ecologist


Renée joined the KSLOF team as a Marine Ecologist in May, 2016. Her role in the foundation includes writing up the final reports for the countries visited on the Global Reef Expedition and assisting with publication preparation of the data collected. Renée was an invited scientist on six of the research missions through her previous job as a NOAA contractor. She previously worked as a research associate and lab manager of a NOAA lab which focuses on the effects of ocean acidification on coral reefs under the direction of Dr. Derek Manzello. Renée's research interests on the GRE included gaining a better understanding of the impacts of climate change and ocean acidification on reef organisms.

Renée grew up in Quartz Hill, California, located in the Mojave Desert where she enjoyed hiking, snowboarding, and spending time outdoors with her family. Following high school, Renée attended San Diego State University graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with an emphasis in Marine Biology in 2008. Upon graduation, Renée worked as a lab manager at San Diego State University for the Global Change Research Group where she conducted climate change research on the North Slope of Alaska and in Baja California Sur, Mexico.
In 2010 Renée moved to Miami, Florida to attend the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science of the University of Miami and became a Master of Professional Science in May, 2012. Renée’s master’s research focused on the ability of seagrass beds to modify seawater chemistry to create more optimal conditions for corals to grow and possibly act as a refuge for corals in the face of climate change and increased ocean acidification.