Happy Thanksgiving from the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation

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Great Barrier Reef (c)Jurgen Freund/iLCP

As we gather around tables laden with delicious treats and cherished company, the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation extends warm wishes to you and your family for a bountiful and joyful Thanksgiving celebration.

This Thanksgiving, as we express gratitude for the blessings in our lives, let us take a moment to give thanks to our ocean. The ocean sustains us in immeasurable ways, from providing us with food and resources to capturing our hearts with its breathtaking beauty.

At the Living Oceans Foundation, we hold a deep reverence for the ocean and understand the importance of safeguarding its delicate balance. Our commitment to marine conservation, scientific research, and education is fueled by a deep connection we have with the ocean that sustains life on our planet.

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for the vibrant coral reefs that adorn our oceans. These diverse ecosystems not only dazzle the eye but also provide shelter to an astonishing array of marine life.

We express gratitude for the ocean’s biodiversity, from the graceful whales that swim across entire ocean basins to the tiny plankton that form the foundation of the marine food web. Each species contributes to the intricate web of life in the ocean, enriching our world with their existence.

We are thankful for the tireless efforts of scientists, researchers, conservationists, and volunteers who dedicate their lives to understanding and protecting our oceans. Their unwavering commitment is what gives us hope for the ocean’s future.

Last but not least, we are grateful for the lessons the ocean teaches us—lessons of resilience, interconnectedness, and the important role our health plays in our lives. These lessons serve as guiding beacons, urging us to cherish and protect our precious marine environments.

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving, we hope your hearts will be filled with appreciation for our ocean’s treasures. Together, let us strive to be stewards of the seas, ensuring that the wonders we admire today endure for generations to come.

From the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation family to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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