Science Without Borders® Challenge | Q&A Sessions Jan 20 & 26

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It’s time to apply for our annual student art contest, the Science Without Borders® Challenge! This international contest engages students and teachers in ocean conservation through art. This year, we are asking students to submit artwork that illustrates how people can preserve coral reefs using a “Ridge to Reef” approach to conservation. The Challenge is open to primary and secondary school students 11-19 years old, with scholarships of up to $500 awarded to the winning entries.

We are holding virtual Q&A sessions on January 20th and 26th for students and teachers who want to learn more about the Science Without Borders® Challenge. Join us for one of these sessions to have all of your questions answered about the contest, hear directly from some of the judges about what types of art we are looking for, and what you can do to increase your chance of success (hint: your artist’s statement matters a lot, it lets us know how your art relates to the theme).

Read It!

Scientists spend a lot of time reading and writing. Our scientists have written hundreds of field blogs about the coral reef research that we have conducted around the world. We have incorporated these blogs into our Coral Reef Ecology Curriculum. …

Bringing the Message to Many

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My two weeks aboard the Golden Shadow have come to a close. During that time, I spent the days diving with the science team.  At night, as the ship swayed with the swells of the ocean, I reflected on their research as …