The Global Reef Expedition (GRE) circumnavigated the world, using a three-pronged approach of science, education, and outreach to address the coral reef crisis. In the process, the Expedition collected an astonishing amount of data. Our findings from the Global Reef Expedition …

Will fewer sharks impact the food web on the Great Barrier Reef?

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Shark populations are dwindling worldwide, and scientists are concerned that the decline could trigger a cascade of impacts that hurt coral reefs. But a new paper published in Ecology suggests that the effects of shark losses are unlikely to reverberate throughout the marine …

Final Reports from the Global Reef Expedition

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For the past eight years, the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation conducted a large-scale scientific research mission called the Global Reef Expedition (GRE). The primary goals of the GRE were to map and characterize coral reef ecosystems, identify their current status and major threats, and examine factors that enhance their ability to survive—and recover from—major disturbance events. Now, scientists at the Living Oceans Foundation are focused on analyzing data collected on the Global Reef Expedition and publishing reports that can be used to guide coral reef management.

Bringing the Message to Many

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My two weeks aboard the Golden Shadow have come to a close. During that time, I spent the days diving with the science team.  At night, as the ship swayed with the swells of the ocean, I reflected on their research as …

Thriving Alien and Declining Local Invertebrates

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The French Polynesian scientists participating on the Society Islands mission took the opportunity to quantify the abundance of a number of French Polynesia invertebrates… species that have, or may have, a commercial and food subsistence role in the near future. …

The Legacy Site – What Will the Future Tell?

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The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation works on a global scale to improve our understanding of coral reef health and the ecological integrity of coral reef ecosystems. Pollution, coastal development, overfishing, climate change, disease, and predation can negatively impact …

Reality TV – The Reef

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French Polynesia is a long way from my hometown of St. Albert in Alberta, Canada. For many of my students, coral reefs are an abstract concept. Fortunately, in my short time with the science team, I have acquired many amazing …