Fish Findings: The Remarkable Fish Communities of Tuamotu Archipelago

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French Polynesia was one of the most magnificent countries we studied on the Global Reef Expedition. While there, we experienced first-hand some of the most beautiful coral and fish communities in the world. There are times, though, when the data …

Lessons from the Reef: Did You Know?

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It’s been two weeks since the Gambier portion of the Global Reef Expedition to French Polynesia ended. In less than two weeks, our science team will be heading back to French Polynesia to conduct research in Rangiroa. In the meantime, …

Hao Atoll at Eye Level

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Research dives can be distilled down to lists of what is seen and what is not seen. Surveying the reef means figuring out what is there and what is missing. For the last few days, the science team has been …

Celebrating Fish Diversity

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Fish communities in the Tuamotu Archipelago have been much more diverse than in Society Islands, especially on the fore reef.  The fish are not only more abundant, but they are larger overall, meaning greater biomass, which is good for reefs …

Dance of the Clownfish

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Clownfishes and anemonefishes are among the most iconic creatures residing in coral reefs. In Scilly and Bellinghausen, the science team sighted several colorful orange-finned anemonefishes (Amphirion chrysopterus) residing in anemones scattered throughout the shallows of the reef sites.

Badi Samaniego: The Human Fish Encyclopedia

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It is no coincidence that this charismatic Filipino joined the Global Reef Expedition as a Foundation Fellow in its course across the Pacific Ocean. For the last 12 years of his life, Badi has been identifying and counting reef fish …

Scenes from Above

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Written by Dr. Andy Bruckner, Chief Scientist Society Islands from 1000 feet offers a unique perspective of the beauty of French Polynesia as well as some of the challenges we face on the upcoming research mission.  We overflew the eight …